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Troubleshoot Your EPSON Printer with Help of Epson Support

EPSON printer makes printing tasks easier for individuals and corporate users. The printed documents are clear and well formatted for the professional use in various departments and projects. However, the technological devices always have some glitches and the EPSON printer too have some technical errors that may occur anytime. The EPSON printer troubleshoots can be resolved easily with the help of EPSON printer support Australia. Check below how to resolve the printer errors in EPSON printer.

How To Troubleshoot The EPSON Printer

Firstly, make sure the paper is available for printing. If the printer is out of paper then add papers to the tray. In such error, a small pop-up window will appear on the screen and alert about the error. Now, you need to slide the paper into the front tray and tap OK appeaing on the small pop-up window.

Ensure the USB cable from the printer to the PC is connected. It must be inserted firmly within both the devices. Now, if the error appears the device cannot be detected then check the connection with the PC.

On the other hand, ensure the printer power turn-on. If the printer power is off then the error might appear as "Unable to detect device" error.

Now, check the ink cartridges if the print appears very light in shade or streaked. Next, open the front panel pf the printer and replace the black ink/color ink cartridge. If the ink seems to dry then remove the blocked ink and place the cartridge back to the printer.

Many times the printer does not respond, so insert the driver disk. If the drivers have been removed then download/install latest drivers from the official EPSON website. Dial the EPSON printer support number 1800-431-355, if you face any other technical glitch. The technical care services are available on all working days.

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