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How To Troubleshoot The Issues With Epson Printer?

Are you experiencing the erratic behavior of your Epson Printer? Well! If this is the case then you need to take care of certain things. Epson printer is known for its high quality and well-designed printing. But after a firm age of use, it may deliver the printing issues. Likewise, many other Printers you can find the troubleshooting wizard in the connected PC window, but it hardly works to fix the issues. You need to adopt the systematic approach to identify and resolve the issues stepwise. Doing so is rather easy; you can fix almost any problem with this device.

So Go Through These Steps Which Are Prettily Described By The Epson Printer Support Australia As Follows:

  • Erase all the given printing jobs form the printer. For this, hit the start button on the computer and open the control panel. Select the option “Device and Printer”, click on the name of your printer and then select “Delete”.
  • Check for any jam and blockage in the device if you find any then remove them. Furthermore, remove the power cord while it is turned on. Let it remain in this state for 30 seconds, turn it on again.
  • Now close the entire current running program on your computer and shut down the computer. Remove the device cord from the computer if it’s wired. Wait for few seconds then turn your computer on again, connect the device.
  • Again move to the printer section followed by the control panel. Delete the device from there by selecting the option “Delete” button. Add it again by clicking the option “Add Printer Wizard”. You can see the icon of your printing device in the list of external device.
  • Download and update the latest device driver. For this, uclick on the “Properties” and look for the option that indicates “update driver” and “New driver” like options.
  • Select them and right-click and then click on “Update” or select the wizard to find the new drivers.

These described steps can be helpful to execute this task, but it can’t give the 100% assurance to accomplish this task as the some of the glitches may be beyond of these describes steps, writing all of them in black and white is never be possible. For better assistance, contact our experts via toll-free Epson Printer Support Australia 1800-431-200. They have the complete optimal solution for all sorts of issues you face with your printing device.

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